This is Part 2 of Appium Automation in Linux tutorial series. In this tutorial we will see how to install Appium Desktop and start Appium server.

If you have not viewed the Part 1 of this tutorial series, please click here


  • Installation of Appium Desktop
  • Starting the Appium Server

Installation of Appium Desktop

Appium Desktop is the new GUI to start the Appium Server. It can also be used to Inspect the elements of a mobile device or an Emulator device.

Step 1 : Open the Appium Desktop download page and download the Appium App Image file. Click the link to open the Appium Desktop download page.

Step 2 : Once the page is loaded, download the Appium-linux.1.13.0.AppImage file by clicking on it. Copy the file to an appropriate location

Step 3 : Make the AppImage an Executable file. Now we have downloaded the AppImage file. We have to make the AppImage an executable file by changing the file properties. This can be easily done by Right Clicking the file-> Click on Properties ->Click on Permission->Check the Allow Executing file as a program check box.

You can check the Step 2 of this post for a detailed information

Step 3 : Double click on the AppImage to open the Appium Server.

Step 4 : Keep the simple settings displayed on the screen and Click the Start Server button to launch the Appium Desktop. The appium server will start and a welcome message will be displayed