In this tutorial series we will be talking about setting up and running a simple mobile automation test case with the help of Appium in an Ubuntu 18.04 OS.

Part 1 – Setting up Android Studio

This is Part 1 of Appium Automation in Linux tutorial series. In this tutorial we will see how to setup Android Studio in Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 OS)


  • Prerequisites
  • Installation and setup of Android Studio


  • Java Installation and setup : Since we are using Eclipse and Appium, we need to install the JDK and setup the JAVA_HOME. You can read here about setting up Java in Ubuntu.
  • Eclipse installation : We will be using Eclipse as the IDE for creating and executing the appium tests. You can read here about Eclipse installation in Ubuntu. Alternate link.
  • Node Js installation and setup : Node js is required for the appium desktop server. You can refer this page for Node js installation and setup.

Installation and setup of Android Studio

  • Install Android Studio : Open the Ubuntu Software and search for the Android Studio. Click on the Install button and complete the installation.
  • SDK and Platform tools setup : After the successful installation of Android studio, click and launch the Appium Studio. Open the SDK manager from the right top corner(highlighted in black) button. Ensure that the Android SDK tools and SDK Platform Tools check boxes are checked and status shows as Installed. (If not installed, check the boxes and click Apply). This will install the required software’s.
  • Setting the Variable Paths : We now will need to add paths to system variables.

Step 1 : First Open the bashrc file for editing using the command: gedit ~/.bashrc

Step 2 : Paste the below lines into the end of the bashrc file. Note that SDK path here implies the full path to the Android SDK folder. In the above screenshot the path is clearly shown as Android SDK Location: /home/sandeep/Android/SDK

export ANDROID_HOME=$HOME/Android/Sdk
export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools

Step 3 : Now save the changes by running the command : source ~/.bashrc

You can now verify the path is correctly set by typing command : adb help in a new command window.